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Cerium Investment Group is a privately owned set of investment companies, that draws inspiration from this distinctive and rare element.  Each of these companies employs quantitative analysis to drive superior returns.

Cerium (Ce) is a chemical element that is part of the lanthanide group, commonly known as “rare earth elements”. It is found only in small amounts, generally less than fifty parts per million in the earth. Yet it has extraordinary properties as ductile, malleable, highly electropositive, and very pyrophoric element – it is the only element besides iron that sparks when struck. Cerium has a wide range of applications across industries as diverse as petrochemicals, optical instruments, automobiles, radiography, magnets, and motion picture lighting.



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Eldon Klaassen is the founder and chairman of the Cerium Investment Group companies.  His expertise provides Cerium with access to unique investment opportunities and the acumen to evaluate their potential.  Since its foundation, Cerium has significantly increased the value of assets under management.  Under his leadership, the group has expanded significantly while creating superior returns in diversified asset classes.

Mr. Klaassen founded Cerium Technology Ventures in 2014, targeting early stage energy and financial technology companies.  After successful exits from initial investments, Cerium added a focus on Internet of Things technology in 2017.  Today, the company continues to invest in technologies that change the world.

Cerium Capital Markets was founded by Mr. Klaassen in 2017, with a focus on liquid investments in public equities and public debt.  Following successful returns in public markets, Cerium expanded into private debt and alternative investments. 

Mr. Klaassen founded Cerium Natural Resources in 2019 with the purchase of producing oil and gas assets from Terebras Resources.  Cerium continues to seek opportunities in today’s changing oil and gas industry.

Prior to founding Cerium, Mr. Klaassen was the founder and CEO of Allegro Development, a highly successful enterprise software company.  Allegro was the leading innovator in Commodity Management software, combining commodity trading, risk management, logistics, and financials for hundreds of customers across finance, energy, utilities, mining, and agriculture. During his tenure, Allegro experienced extraordinary growth, generating a 57% average annual return to its investors.

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