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Cerium Capital Markets invests in equity and fixed income markets world-wide.  The company also invests in derivatives including futures, options, and swaps.  Cerium employs qualitative and quantitative analysis to evaluate investments, including fundamental, quantitative arbitrage, and event driven strategies.

Cerium Natural Resources is an independent exploration and production company.  Cerium’s primary assets are interests in acquisition, development and exploration of crude oil and natural gas properties in partnership with highly efficient operators.  Geographic focus is properties in Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.  Cerium utilizes advanced data analytics to evaluate and acquire interests in oil and gas properties, including prospects with proven and unproven reserves. 

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Cerium Technology Ventures is a venture capital firm that collaborates with entrepreneurs to build great technology companies.  Cerium invests in technology companies that research and develop proprietary technology solutions for the capital markets, energy, and internet of things sectors.

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